FAQ’s Lake Mead Boat Storage

  1.  How do I make a reservation?
    You can make a reservation on our website or call in and out friendly office staff will help you .
    What sizes do you have?
    A) We have 11×15, 12×25 (indoor and outdoor), 12×30 (indoor and outdoor), 12×40, and 12×60!

  2. How do your rates compare to other options in the Vegas valley?
    A) Lake Mead Boat Storage is competitively priced and offers the greatest value to its customers.

  3. Can I fit multiple things in the unit?
    A) As long as all the items fit in the unit and we have proof of ownership on everything, then you can store multiple items on one spot.

  4. Do you charge different prices based on what is stored?
    A) No, you pay only the price of the spot, not for individual items.

  5. Do you have electrical or dumping stations on site?
    A) We do not have customer access to electrical in our indoor units, as well as a dumping station.

  6. What’s the difference between back in and pull through?
    A) back in spot requires you to back your vehicle in (typically on the perimeter) and is less expensive where a pull through spot gives you easier access and comes with a bit of a premium.

  7. What are your office hours?
    8 am-8 pm 7days a week

  8. What can be stored at LMBS (i.e. fishing boats, wake boarding boats, 5th wheels, RVs, Camper trailers, etc.)?

    A) You can Store trucks, Cars, Trailers, Boats,  RVs , Motorhomes , Travel trailers , kayaks with trailers holding them, camper trailers, semi trailers.

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